In 2005 Dolphin Systems founder Gary Holstein was named as the Dartfish, USA,  Archery Head of Sport.  In addition to two decades of Information Technologies experience, Mr. Holstein is a USA Archery Certified Level 4, National Coach.  This blend of experience places Dolphin Systems in a unique position to assist athletic departments and coaches to design and implement  video analysis systems and procedure custom designed for their programs.
In 1997, after extensive research in image and video processing, SimulCamTM technology was created and developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Subsequent to enthusiastic response from TV producers and sports viewers alike, five international business and IT specialists founded Dartfish (then known as InMotion Technologies Ltd.) in December 1998 to commercially develop SimulCam
TM and other digital imaging applications.

The small start-up quickly grew and became well known for its innovative digital image enhancements in the sports broadcast world. SimulCam
TM technology was followed by StroMotionTM which was launched in January 2001.

Based on its technological know-how, Dartfish soon branched out into other growth areas such as interactive Internet content enhancements as well as developing cutting-edge sport training applications. Today, Dartfish technologies and know-how are widely recognized for exclusive televised broadcast footage and breakthrough training applications for sports, education, healthcare and more. Dartfish headquarters are in Fribourg, Switzerland with offices in Atlanta, USA; Sophia-Antipolis, France; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea. 

Why Use Video Analysis
Olympians still train like the ancients, twirling on the pommel horse for hours, waking up at 6a.m. to run 50 laps before breakfast.  But athletes are increasingly using the latest innovations to help them gain an edge.  These include sharkskin swimsuits that reduce friction, video goggles that let rowers watch themselves and speedometers for sprinters.  Switzerland-based Dartfish, training software is used by athletes in more than 20 countries, including the U.S., some two dozen plus Olympic sports use Dartfish.   United States Olympic Committee and Twenty year veteran sports technologist Mike Leigh, states "There are about half a dozen similar programs.  But none works better than Dartfish."

In addition to individual athletic training video analysis has applications on team sports, education, healthcare, behavior skills and broadcast markets. 

USA Archery High Performance Coach Power Point Presentation, USOTC, Colorado Springs, September 2006

USA Archery Coach Training Power Point Presentation, USOTC, Chula Vista, November 2006