How important is technology to the operation of your business? 

There is an old adage - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

When your system is down or your connections are not working, business is likely to be chaotic. Customers get impatient, employees get frazzled and the result is often a loss of sales and customers. You have to be able to rely on your equipment.

The most effective way to prevent system down time or poor performance is to assure that it is installed correctly in the first with adequate resources in the first place.  Dolphin Systems provides complete installation services from original concept through hardware installation.  Whether you require a simple PC, large Data Center or a integrated and automated home or office, our systems engineers and installation technicians have the experience and training to assure all aspects of your project are addressed and installed to current specifications and code.
A partial list of Installation services include:
  • Personal Computer hardware and software
  • Custom software applications
  • Integrated voice and data communications solutions
  • Security applications and procedures
  • Physical Media - Cabling Copper, Fiber Optic and Wireless
  • Power Conditioning
  • Data Center environmental control
  • Integrated systems management
  • Security Solutions