Today telecommunications is undergoing a revolution, the distinction between voice and data networks is rapidly blurring. Converged communications refers to the integration of voice and data, allowing companies to create powerful communication solutions for today’s flexible and changing work environments.  Building the right communications solution takes the support of an experienced partner -- one who tailors technology to your business, gets you up and running quickly and supports your growth.  By engaging our team early in the process of selecting your data communications solution, you'll benefit from our record of helping companies achieve significant returns on their investment. Our team can assist with you selecting and managing the data communication solution that's right for you.  From traditional voice and data networks to advanced converged solutions Dolphin Systems is ready to assist you design and implement the appropriate solution for your needs.
Through strategic partnerships with companies like Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Cingular Wireless, Cisco Systems and Linksys, Dolphin Systems will assist your company to design, install, configure and maintain a custom tailored communications solution just right for you.